Shopping mama MacGill first aid kit picture

The Shopping Mama: Armed with The MacGill First Aid Kit

If you know The Shopping Mama, you know why our team was fired up when we saw their raves about The MacGill First Aid Kit. The Shopping Mama, a Momtrends website popular with in-the-know millennial moms, covers all things babies and kids and was ranked in the top 20 mom blogs by Cision Media in 2014.Shopping mama MacGill first aid kit picture

How’d we score such raves with The Shopping Mama? We let the products speak for themselves. Michelle from the Shopping Mama says The MacGill First Aid Kit “is well thought out and stocked with a full range of essentials.”

Beyond the kit itself, Michelle also appreciates the confidence she feels by having the MacGill First Aid Kit on hand. “I love the sense of security that I get knowing that I am prepared and first aid ‘armed.’” Nothing makes us happier to hear!

If you missed The Shopping Mama’s giveaway in April, another chance to win a free MacGill First Aid Kit is coming soon! Keep an eye out for their Dad & Grads giveaway this June.

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