Annie LeGere foundation

In Memory of Annie: The Drive for EpiPen Accessibility

There’s a special place in the handle of the MacGill First Aid Kit for you to store your EpiPen. But to have an EpiPen, you need a prescription. When creating that space in the handle, we hoped more people could have access to EpiPens so that in the event of an allergic reaction (new or known), a life-saving solution is right there, right in the handle of your first aid kit.

The MacGill First Aid Kit team supports the Annie LeGere foundation, a group dedicated to ensuring that first responders and schools have the ability to stock EpiPens and the training and permission to use them in anaphylaxis and its treatment. The group works to propose and pass legislation to make EpiPens available and affordable to all schools, staff and first responders and to any person in a position that may require them to administer emergency first aid. The group also raises allergy awareness and research and educates people about the symptoms of an allergic reaction and the actions to take in that situation.

The Annie LeGere Foundation was formed to honor Annie LeGere, a young woman who had an allergic reaction at a sleepover, a back-to-school celebration just before what would have been her 8th grade year at Sandburg Middle School in Elmhurst, Illinois. The entire community was devastated when, just over a week later, Annie passed away from complications due to anaphylactic shock.

The MacGill First Aid Kit team is proud to be one of the many sponsors of the inaugural “To the Moon and Back” walk, a 2.5-mile walk through Elmhurst and Berkeley, Illinois. Please consider participating in the walk or donating to the Annie LeGere Foundation.

Thank you, Annie LeGere Foundation friends. We are proud to be a part of the work you do and honored to be a part of remembering Annie.