MacGill vs. Other Kits

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 MacGillEasy CareJohnson & JohnsonMediBagCVS Pharmacy
Aerosol Wound Washcheckmarkxxxx
Antiseptic Spraycheckmarkcheckmarkxxx
Eye Washcheckmarkxxxx
Triple Antibiotic Ointment4 Packsx4 Packs2 Packs4 Packs
Hydrocortisone Cream2 Packs xxxx
Burn Cream with Aloe Vera 4 Packs2 oz tubex1 Pack2 Packs
Sting Relief Wipes3 Wipes 3 Wipes x1 Wipe1 Wipe
Blood Coagulant checkmarkxxxx
1" by 3" Flexible Strip Bandage101051210
Scissors checkmarkcheckmarkxxcheckmark
TweezersYes, MetalYes, PlasticYes, PlasticYes, PlasticYes, Plastic

Jay Smith founder of MacGill First Aid KitCan you find a less expensive first aid kit at your local drug store? Absolutely. But there’s a reason it’s less expensive. And there’s a reason I feel it’s not good enough for my family. And it’s the same reason it’s not good enough for your family. Read More…

What’s the reason? Simply put: in an emergency, you need the best, not the cheapest. You need products that can be used in a variety of ways. An emergency is an emergency because it is both unexpected and needs to be dealt with right away. Of course there are typical injuries that happen, but the definition of an accident is something you don’t expect. And when the unexpected happens, and when the safety of your family is at stake in that moment, you should have the best quality and most versatile products on hand. Many first aid kits are stocked to stop the bleeding. The MacGill First Aid Kit is stocked to not only stop the bleeding, but also to put the patient on the best road to recovery, right away.

We were very cost-conscious when selecting items for the kit. If an item drives up the cost of the kit, it’s because we know it’s exactly what you really need in an emergency. For example:

  • An aerosol wound spray may cost more than a basic antiseptic, but it goes way beyond simply providing a cleaning method. The no-touch application protects both the patient and the caregiver, and the aerosol feature helps remove dirt and debris, reducing risk of infection.
  • We included usage-specific liquid medications over the multi-use medications in most kits. Having one medication that can be used for multiple problems reduces cost, but with lower cost you also get reduced effectiveness. Sure, the general first aid cream in a drugstore kit will work okay on a burn. But when your two-year-old is sobbing in pain, wouldn’t you rather use a burn cream that soothes more quickly and speeds healing? Show Less…

Unique Items


After many years in the nursing supplies industry, we have learned what supplies are truly needed in an emergency. And many of those supplies are rarely found in first aid kits.

  • Did you know you need a blood coagulant? You do. Here’s why:
    • When gauze and pressure don’t stop the bleeding fast enough, you know you need help. But how do you get the patient to medical care when you need to continue to apply pressure? With a blood coagulant, you don’t have to. It stops the bleeding fast when pressure alone won’t do the job so you can get to medical care.
    • Being woken up in the middle of the night by a child with a nosebleed can be frustrating and exhausting. Gently pinching the child’s nose for 10 minutes and hoping that when you let go the bleeding will have stopped is not a way to quickly get everyone back to bed. A blood coagulant is like magic, stopping the bleeding almost instantly so your child, and you, can get back to bed.
    • We can’t find a blood coagulant in any first aid kit that you can find in the drugstore. Let us know if you do!
  • Even though burn dressing doesn’t come in most first aid kits, I consider this product so important that it is always in the center of the kit, right on top. Burn dressing is unique from burn cream. Did you know that burns continue to burn even after the source of heat is removed? Applying a burn dressing stops the burning fast. It also cools, soothes, moisturizes and relieves pain, and it won’t stick to injured skin. Anyone who’s had to deal with the pain of or scarring from a burn will appreciate the pain relief and the reduced injury achieved when using burn dressing. For very minor burns that are not large or deep, like one caused by touching a hot light bulb, the kit includes burn cream with aloe vera. Burn cream with aloe vera soothes the pain and starts the healing process immediately.
  • Here is one of the ways this first aid kit goes beyond treating boo boos. It can save lives. If you’re not diabetic, you might wonder how the MacGill First Aid Kit’s glucose would benefit you. Imagine a neighbor child stops by your house but doesn’t bring his supplies for his diabetes. His blood sugar goes low, and you have no way to help. Now you do. The glucose in the kit could save his life.
  • You’re in the basement during a tornado warning and the power goes out. Someone falls and cuts himself. There’s a light stick stored in the handle of the kit so that in an emergency you can find what you need fast. And you can see the instructions, too.
  • There’s more, too. You’ll find a sickness bag that can also be used for disposing of soiled supplies, aspirin in the event of a heart attack, Diphen for allergic reactions, eye wash, an eye pad, an ABD pad for serious bleeding, and many more items you won’t find in your drugstore first aid kit.

Higher Quality Items


We carefully weighed the cost of higher quality items over the need for the items to be effective and useful. While having steel-tipped tweezers and steel scissors drives up the cost of the kit, you’ll be glad you spent the money on supplies that actually work when you’re in an emergency situation.

  • When your drugstore-first-aid-kit plastic tweezers aren’t precise enough to grip the splinter from your screaming toddler’s finger, the tweezers become useless, fast. That’s why I chose steel tweezers. You can get the splinter out fast, reducing both pain and drama.
  • The scissors in most first aid kids are plastic. The steel scissors in the MacGill First Aid kit are more effective and useful and can be boiled to sterilize, not something you can do with plastic scissors.
  • We chose the Coverlet brand bandages because they form very well, stay on and seal around the wound to prevent debris or dirt from getting to the pad area. They also last through a hand-washing or two.
  • If you need a gauze pad, you don’t have time to be opening several packages to get the size and thickness you need. Most first aid kits include a few 4-ply 2×2 gauze pads, maybe a few 3×3 pads. The MacGill First Aid Kit includes 12-ply 3×3 and 4×4 pads.

The easy-to-open, durable case makes these unique, high-quality items even more useful to you.

  • The compartments are organized by need and are color-coded:
    • Green for medicines, including burn cream and sting relief.
    • Yellow for tools, including scissors and tweezers.
    • Blue for liquids, including wound spray and eye wash.
    • Red for wound care, including bandages and blood coagulant.
  • There’s space in the handle to store 2 Epi-Pens.

All the unique, high-quality, easy-to-find supplies are of no use to you if you don’t know how to use them. Many first aid kits contain a little pamphlet with some instructions on what to do in case of an emergency, but they are easily lost, difficult to read in an emergency situation, and filled with so much legalese that they are difficult to understand. The comprehensive MacGill First Aid Kit instructions give you information you need in an easy-to-find, easy-to-read way:

  • Color-coded to match each color-coded compartment so you know where to look for the supplies you need.
  • Adhered to inside of case so they won’t get lost.

Yes, this kit costs more. But that cost is well worth it when you can quickly and easily comfort your family and treat their injuries. You’ll see the value when your son comes in with a bee string and you can relieve the pain with sting relief. You’ll feel the worth when your husband burns his hand while grilling steaks and you can ease the pain and speed the healing. You’ll feel good about the money you spent when your daughter walks into a tree branch and you can wash out her eye with the right solution of eyewash and apply an eye bandage. This is the kit that I created to be good enough for his family. And yours.