The MacGill First Aid Kit: A Real Simple Magazine “Ingenious Product”

Ingenious! Well, thank you, Real Simple! It’s an honor to be listed as one of Real Simple’s “little helpers: ingenious products to make your day easier.”

Real Simple readers are on the look out for unique solutions to everyday problems. What a perfect fit for The MacGill First Aid Kit! Real Simple calls The MacGill First Aid Kit a “stress-free kit” that allows you to “calmly handle any mishap.” The color-coded compartments are filled with exactly what you need in an emergency situation so you can easily and quickly help your family. Real Simple also appreciates that the kit includes supplies you won’t find in other kits, like sting relief and eyewash.

Real Simple calls our first aid instructions a “game-changing bonus.” Check them out. The easy-to-read instructions tell you how to treat many injuries and are color-coded to direct you to the supplies you need. Why? Because in an emergency, fast and simple … Real Simple … is exactly what you need!

Thank you for the shout out, Real Simple!



First aid instructions are not the only way MacGill First Aid Kit offers information about first aid. Follow The MacGill First Aid Kit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to learn more about keeping your family safe, including where to keep your first aid kit, what to do if your child burns himself and how to treat an eye injury.