Large Nitrile Gloves

15003 Four large Nitrile Gloves croppedThese medical-grade, 9.5” latex-free gloves are durable, easy to put on, and have excellent barrier protection. They will not tear or break easily. Quantity: 4

Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets

Hand SanitizerThese small gel packets allow for hand washing without soap and water to decrease bacteria on skin. Hand sanitizer packets are for external use only. Quantity: 4


9594_kit croppedMade of metal, these sturdy, mid-size tweezers work for a wide variety of uses, including picking out bee stingers and broken glass from the skin. Quantity: 1

Alcohol Prep Pads

Alcohol Prep PadsThe single-use alcohol prep pads sterilize scissors and tweezers before use in order to prevent infections. These prep pads are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and are latex-free. They are for external use only. Quantity: 3


ScissorsMetal operating scissors. Straight, 5-1/2″, sharp/blunt. Quantity: 1

Sickness Bag

MG Sickness bagThese strong high density polyethylene convenience bags feature a patented seamless construction that virtually eliminates breaks and tears. Use to dispose of all waste materials. Medical grade, 1 gallon. Quantity: 1