1" Tape

Waterproof tapeThis waterproof tape has strong adhesive to hold dressings in place, even when wet. Protects wounds from water penetration, but is easily removed, preventing damaged skin. Latex -free 1” x 2 yards. Quantity: 1

Sterile Roller Bandages

Conforming gauze rollThis absorbent bandage, which is woven for light compression, conforms to the area it’s applied to. The bandage is ideal for securing dressings, controlling bleeding, supporting limbs or joints, and treating burns. Quantity: 1 each of 3” x 4.1 yards and 4″ x 4.1 yards

Gauze Pads

3 by 3 gauze padsThese 3” x 3” and 4″ x 4″ pads are used for fluid absorption, treatment of minor cuts and burns, etc. Won’t stick to lacerations. Low-lint design allows oxygen to pass through, preventing irritation around the wound. Quantity: 5 each of 3″ x 3″ and 4″ x 4″


ABD PadMade of cellulose and covered in woven cotton. Designed for ultimate blood absorption. 5” x 9” dressing is sterile-wrapped and latex-free. Quantity: 1

Triangular Bandage

triangular muslin bandageMulti-use: arm sling, blood-loss control, bone or joint support, etc. Two safety pins included. 37” x 37” x 52” dressing. Quantity: 1

BurnFree® Burn Dressing

Burnfree burn dressingRelieve the pain, cool the burn and protect from infection – all in one easy step. Made of medical-grade polyester and soaked in water-based gel for optimum healing and prevention of cellular dehydration. 2” x 6” dressing. Quantity: 1

BleedCease® Blood Coagulent

Bleed cease blood coagulantNatural-based calcium alginate treats nosebleeds and minor bleeds by absorbing blood, promoting healing and preventing re-bleed. Calcium transforms into a moist gel with absorption for easy, no-stick removal. Quantity: 1

Eye Pad

Eye padSterile-wrapped absorbent cotton pad with non-woven, latex-free cover. Compressed edges minimize lint collection. Use to aid healing of eye trauma, corneal abrasion or unembedded foreign object in the eye. 1⅝” x 2⅝” pad. Quantity: 1

Elastic Bandage

rubber elastic bandageMedical-grade, latex-free bandage delivers consistent pressure for high-compression needs. Two clips included for easy closure. 2” x 5 yards. Quantity: 1

Coverlet® Fingertip Bandage

Small fingertip bandage. Latex-free. Quantity: 2

Coverlet® Knuckle Bandage

MG Knuckle Bandage 1390Knuckle bandage. Latex-free. Quantity: 2

Coverlet® Small Strip Bandage

small strip bandage Small ¾” x 3” bandage. Latex-free. Quantity: 10

Coverlet® Medium Strip Bandage

medium strip bandageMedium 1” x 3” bandage. Latex-free. Quantity: 10

Coverlet® X-Large Bandage

xlarge bandageExtra-large 4” x 2.75” bandage. Latex-free. Quantity: 3

Sterile Cotton-Tipped Applicators

Sterile Cotton Tipped ApplicatorsThe sterile, 6″ wood stick with soft white cotton tip can be used to remove dirt and debris from small cuts and wounds. Quantity: 1 pack of 2 applicators