Wheels & Wrecks


Teaching a child to ride a bike is an unforgettable experience. There’s the joy of watching them take off on their own and the pride on their faces when they realize that they really can do it. But there’s also the backbreaking leaning over and running at top speed behind the bike, trying to keep… Read More →

Sneezing and Itching: When Minor Allergies Strike


As you’re chatting with the other parents at the park and watching the kids play tag, you notice your son stopping to scratch his leg. Again. You call him over to see what’s up, and you notice some red, splotchy hives on his leg. You realize he’s probably allergic to that new bug repellant you… Read More →

Shopping mama MacGill first aid kit picture

The Shopping Mama: Armed with The MacGill First Aid Kit


If you know The Shopping Mama, you know why our team was fired up when we saw their raves about The MacGill First Aid Kit. The Shopping Mama, a Momtrends website popular with in-the-know millennial moms, covers all things babies and kids and was ranked in the top 20 mom blogs by Cision Media in… Read More →

Annie LeGere foundation

In Memory of Annie: The Drive for EpiPen Accessibility


There’s a special place in the handle of the MacGill First Aid Kit for you to store your EpiPen. But to have an EpiPen, you need a prescription. When creating that space in the handle, we hoped more people could have access to EpiPens so that in the event of an allergic reaction (new or… Read More →

Glucose Gel to the Rescue!


In the fifth inning of the little league game you notice your son is not running at his usual break-neck speed. Because of Zach’s diabetes, you ask the coach to pull him out of game.  When Zach tells you he feels a little dizzy, you realize that, in the rush of getting to the game… Read More →

Beyond No-Tears Baby Shampoo: Preventing Eye Injuries


No-sting baby shampoo. Goggles in science class. Protective eyewear for sports. We do what we can to prevent eye injuries because we know that whether it’s shampoo, dirt, or a foreign object, getting something in your eye is painful. And it’s a little scary too. Worrying about permanent vision problems and blindness takes an eye… Read More →

Infection Protection


Remember when our moms cured our scrapes and other boo boos by blowing on them and giving kisses? These days, we know it takes more than love to keep our kids safe. The risk of infection is too high to simply wipe away the tears and apply a bandage. Preventing infection is easy when you… Read More →

MacGill Geek Daddy First Aid Kit in Car

Geek Daddy Blogger Reviewed the MacGill First Aid Kit!


We’re thrilled to share popular blogger Geek Daddy reviewed the MacGill First Aid Kit. The blogger loved the inside instruction sheet that serves as a guide for treatment for many common injuries, as well as knowing the MacGill first aid kit is filled with the same supplies that nurses across the country are utilizing to assist sick and… Read More →